COO Genpact Europe, Latin America & Africa


Shibu Nambiar, COO Genpact Europe, Latin America & Africa is a strong professional with over 18 years of experience in services industry, covering various roles in operations, project management, service delivery, product development, domain management and training.

He started his Genpact journey 16 years ago, successfully performing in various roles in multiple geographies over the past years. In January 2016 he had been appointed as SVP and Chief Operating Officer for Europe, Latin America and Africa, accepting the challenge of building a growth ecosystem for over 10000+ team members across 12 delivery locations, providing business process management and consulting services across a range of industries.

Shibu always stays curious about learning and understanding different cultures and this is why he loves being in the middle of constant change. He truly believes that together with his teams he can make the impossible possible, by going beyond the limits. He is not a fan of “Do It Yourself” due to his strong appetite for collaboration. He considers that leaders aren’t self-made, they are driven by a strong coach, hence he is always willing to offer motivation to his team members.

In the outsourcing business environment, the only constant is change…but for him, innovation also has to be a constant, that’s why he is willing to take risks and always challenge the status quo.

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