Director, Global Learning, UK


Shelly is an Organisational Development consultant and educator. She has spent over twenty years supporting organisations in leadership and change work. She is a part time academic and provides education and development of leaders and organisation development practitioners.

Shelly is an Associate with leading development specialists who operate across the globe: Berkshire Consultancy, Roffey Park Management Institute and the MiL Institute in Sweden. Her work includes running Masters level programmes, coaching senior leaders and providing consultancy interventions.

Shelly is active in bringing an OD mind set to organisations and raising the value of OD work in the UK. She is one of the few NTL members based in the UK (founding body of OD)

Shelly is experienced in a variety of action learning methodologies from around the globe. She works with the Strategic /Top Teams in organisations focusing on individual, team and organisation wide development, supporting and guiding top teams on change projects and working with organisations on broader issues such as Creating a World Class organisation and International Leadership. All her work has a strong thread of Diversity and Inclusion.

She is the Director of the prestigious NTL OD Certificate programme in the UK, and set advisor on the MSc in People and Organisation Development programme for Roffey Park.

Shelly is a founding member of ODN Europe and currently holds the leadership position of Co Chair and leads the professional practice portfolio.

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