The 13 editions of the Power through People conference (2006 – 2018) have been a genuine success because of the quality discussions between participants. 120 top managers from all across Romania and from other countries have attended each year.

Power through People, The 13th Edition, 2018

The subject of the 2018 conference, “Network Leader” brought forth the following topics:

  • How can we build powerful communication and efficient support networks within and outside organizations?
  • What ingredients of organizational social networks promote the emergence and the productivity of leaders?
  • How can we, proactively, identify and develop these aspects?
  • How do some current leaders influence the development of social networks and use them for the betterment of an organization’s results?

The Speakers of the 13th Edition, 2018

Speakers at the 2018 edition: François BLOCHCEO BRD – Groupe Société Générale; Balazs Hopka, General Manager, Emerson Romania ; Konrad Kaschek, General Manager, Fabrica BOSCH Cluj, Romania; Florin Talpeș, CEO Bitdefender; Steve Tarpey, Managing partner, Human Dimensions, UK

Power through People, The 12th Edition, 2017

At the conference of October 2017, “The Appreciative Organization” – the following topics were discussed:

  • Conditions: What are the conditions necessary for an appreciative climate based success? How can we create them and maintain them?
  • Practically: What do we already have in our companies? What’s already happening?
  • Results: How do we produce value in our lives, for clients and for society AT THE SAME TIME?

The Speakers of the 12th Edition, 2017

Speakers at the 2017 edition: Yves Caracatzanis, CEO Automobile Dacia, Managing Director Groupe Renault Romania, Shibu Nambiar, Senior VP & Chief Operating Officer Europe, Latin America & Africa, Genpact, Miroslav Majoroš , CEO Telekom Romania, Shelly Hossain, Director, Global Learning, UK, Daniel Metz, CEO, NTT Data Romania.

Power through People, The 11th Edition, 2016

This year’s subject was “Accelerating metamorphosis in an organization”, and the public had the chance to meet and interact with successful leaders from diverse industries: IT, production, financial, telecommunications.

The Speakers of the 11th Edition, 2016

Speakers at the 2016 edition: Omer Tetik, CEO Banca Transilvania; Massimo Paronitti, General Manager, DeLonghi Romania, Florin Petrescu, Human Resources Director, Vodafone; Felix Oanță, General Director , Michelin Romania, Florești Plant; Mihai Nadăș, Managing Director, Yonder, Radu Mavrodin, Director HR Club, Daniela Ababei, Human Resources Manager Siniat.


Power through People, The 10th Edition, 2015

This year’s conference, “Leading diverse people”, set the framework for discussing subjects regarding topics that present integrated and directed actions toward reducing chance inequality, but also other aspects of diversity in society and organizations.

The Speakers of the 10th Edition, 2015

Speakers at the 2015 edition: Costin Borc – CEO, CRH Romania, Francois Coste – CEO, Groupama Romania, Crina Ilie – HR Vice President, Genpact Europa; Voicu Oprean – Founder and CEO, AROBS; Dana Oprişan – HR Director, Grup Renault Romania, Paul Pătrașcu – HR Senior Manager Eastern Europe, Fujikura; Florin Spătaru, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs Director Damen Shipyards Galați; Andreea Voinea – Executive director HR, BCR – Erste Bank.


ditia a IX-a, 2014

Tema celei de-a IX a ediții a conferinței din octombrie 2014 a fost  „Diversitate în organizații”, unde au fost discutate subiecte legate de: Aspecte ale diversității: multiculturalitate, generații, gen dar și altele mai puțin discutate: potențial, interese; abordări productive și experiențe aplicate – practici, încercări; noi orientări în conducere.


Power through People, The 9th Edition, 2014

The subject of the 9th edition of October 2014 was „Diversity in organizations”, where topics related to the following were discussed: Aspects of diversity: multiculturalism, generations, gender, but also others that are usually less discussed: potential, interests; productive approaches and applied experience – practices and attempts; new trends in leadership.


The Speakers of the 9th Edition, 2014

Speakers at the 2014 edition: Radu Mavrodin, Vice President of Human Resources in the Euromed Region, Renault, Nevenca Doca, HR Vice President, Banca Transilvania and Dan Căprar, Professor at the UNSW School of Management, Australia

Special GuestMichael Jenkins, Executive Director at the Roffey Park Institute, Great Britain

Power through People, The 8th Edition, 2013

The 8th edition of “Power through People” from May 2013 had the subject “Freeing the internal potential of organizations – Individual Talent” – and bought forth discussion of current aspects of the following topics: Productivity and happiness in the work place, appreciative culture, organizational development based on valuing the talents of employees; organizations – a place for personal achievement.

The Speakers of the 8th Edition, 2013

Speakers at the 2013 edition: Adela Jansen, Executive Director, RU BRD Groupe Societe Generale; Anca Georgescu Aladgem, Executive Director RU Romtelecom; Alina Drăgan, Executive Vice President responsible for the Human Resources Division Umane, Unicredit Bank; Radu Panait, SEE HR Business Partner-Sales & BPO & Pre-sales, IBM Romania.

Special GuestsGary Miles, Director International Operations & Associate Relations Roffey Park, Radu Mavrodin, Renault VP Human Resources for the Euromed Region – Africa, HR Club President.


Power through People, The 7th Edition, 2012

The subject of the 7th edition of the annual CDM conference was “Transforming organizations” where the following subjects were discussed: How can managers determine how to support and accelerate the processes of organizational transformation? How can we learn and adapt to the new circumstances at an individual or organizational level?

The Speakers of the 7th Edition, 2012

Speakers at the 2012 edition: Andreea Voinea, Executive Director of Human Resources at Banca Comercială Română, Carmen Nicula, Human Resources Director Friesland Campina, Liviu Bogdan, Head of Training Department FCE Arcelor Mittal Galați.
Special GuestAngella Alexander, HR Director Ford Romania


Power through People, the 6th Edition, October, 2010

The 6th edition of the annual conference in October 2010 launched the “National network of information and career counseling” project, co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Sectorial Operational Program for Development of Human Resources 2007 – 2013, domain 5.1 – “Development and implementation of active measures for occupation”. The project was led by CDM and made in partnership with OMV Petrom. The subject of the conference was “Synchronizing organizational efforts for success”. The topic was critical aspects of organizational life for long-term success. Over 200 human resources managers and directors from multinational and Romanian companies attended.

The Speakers of the 6th Edition, October, 2010

Special guests: Mariana Gheorghe, CEO OMV Petrom; Jerome Olive, General Manager Grup Renault Romania; Dominic Bruynseels, CEO Banca Comercială Română

Power through People, the 5th Edition, May, 2010

The subject of the May 2010 conference (the 5th Edition) was “Developing abilities for results”, with the following topics: How can managers support development and learning as instruments for increasing organizational performance? How can managers be persuaded to take on this responsibility and make it into a personal / organizational practice? What support frameworks are necessary?

The Speakers of the 5th Edition, May, 2010

The Speakers of the May 2010 Edition: Gabriel MăţăuanRadu MavrodinLaurenţiu MitracheMarian Ursu and Lucia Velea. The speakers were top managers form Automobile Dacia – Grup Renault, Lafarge, Leumi Bank, SAB Miller (Ursus).

Power through People, the 4th Edition, 2009

The subject of the 4th Edition of the October conference was “Rhythm and direction for accelerated organizational development” and the topics discussed have been: How can decision makers in an organization stimulate performance? Which are the most important aspects of organizational live that lead to the long- term success of the organization? What do we have and what do we lack in organizations?

The Speakers of the 4th Edition, 2009

Special guests: Michael Jenkins Executive Director, Roffey Park Institute – former vice president of the Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL) and former Regional Director at INSTEAD and Valerie Hammond, Chair of Roffey Park as well as top managers from other organizations. Other speakers: Gabriel Matauan – HR Director Lafarge, and top managers from Petrom and Vodafone.


Power through People, the 3rd Edition, 2008

The subject of the 2008 conference (the 3rd Edition) was “Leaders for performance” and was based on an organizational research in CDM. The findings showed that employees aim for performance if they feel appreciated, stimulated and happy.

Previous Speakers (the 2006 and 2007 Editions)

Former Prime Minister Dl. Emil Boc, top directors from multinational and Romanian companies and noteworthy consultants from: Alcatel-Lucent, Achieve Global, Banca Transilvania, Friesland Campina, Groupama Asigurări, ISDC, Lafarge, Leumi Bank, Petrom, Roffey Park – Great Britain, Vodafone, OMV Petrom, Grup Renault România, etc.

Power through People, The 2nd Edition, 2007

The subject of the 2nd Edition of the May 2007 Edition was “The modern organization – performance through engagement” that started on the basis of recent studies regarding employee satisfaction at the workplace.

Power through People, The 1st Edition

The 1st Edition of the “Power through People” had the following topics:

  • Building and supporting competitive advantages through people
  • The strategic impact of Human Resources for an organization
  • Rewards and benefits
  • The appreciation of individual performance / Attracting and keeping talent


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