OD Masterclass

Cluj-Napoca, Opera Plaza Hotel, 3rd of October, 2018

” Purpose, Power and Personality: a story of seismic change” – An Organizational Development (OD) masterclass afternoon

Are you curious to find out how the field of Organisation Development can add value to organisational growth, support change and the flourishing of individuals? Join Steve Tarpey for an afternoon of input, discussion and dialogue with other managers, in a 4 hours masterclass, on the 3rd of October.

Steve Tarpey MA is a UK based leadership and OD expert who has worked with organisations around the globe as a consultant, developer and coach.

In the last decade we have seen many new organisations emerge and grow rapidly. These new organisations, often in the technology sector, are able from the outset to establish a culture and style geared towards flexibility and responsiveness. But what happens when a long established organisation with a deeply ingrained culture encounters rapid and revolutionary change?

AB&C (not their real name) are a financial services organisation. Established over 70 years ago they were quietly and moderately successful for the first 65 years but, following changes in UK regulation that came into effect in 2013, they were faced with a serious challenge and a significant opportunity which led to the creation and launch of a new product.

Membership of 60,000 people in 300 organizations in 2013 has grown to 3,900,000 people in 75,000 organisations today. Whilst a significant commercial success, this has been a turbulent roller-coaster of a ride for the organisation and those who work in it.

From an OD perspective there have been challenges in relation to Culture, Leadership, Change, Strategy, Politics, Organisational Design and more besides. Throughout this period our speaker, Steve Tarpey, has worked alongside the organisation as an external consultant. In this Masterclass he will share how he and they have approached these issues, what has worked and what’s gone wrong, and how what he has learned has changed how he thinks about OD.

Language: The session will be delivered in English, for a group of 30 people.
Place: Opera Plaza Hotel, Cluj-Napoca
Date: 3th of October 2018, between 13.30 and 17.30.

Masterclass participation conditions:

The fee is 380 euro + VAT. This includes:

  • attending masterclass
  • lunch, coffee, juices

To register please visit the Masterclass registration form on the left of the page.